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October 22, 2007



Good for Bashman for keeping the opinion up.


I agree. God bless him!

For all the snark about Bashman, he held true to his principles and what should be the principles of every American. He should be commended for his commitment to American values and freedom.


Even Patterico was incensed. When Patterico thinks the government misbehaved, well, that's beyond-a-reasonable-doubt evidence that something very wrong went down.

Eugene Volokh won't blog this case, since he wants to be a federal judge. Of course, by not publicizing this case, he is doing the public a disservice to further his own interest. If he is ever nominated, he will tell everyone what an honor it will be to be a "public servant."

The guy is a genius. But I've never respected him as a person. He's a party hack.

Incidentally, I e-mailed Volokh a while back with this story:

Summary: A bunch of powerful Republicans tried getting some Southern California radio hosts indicted for the crime of.... talking to an opponent of a Republican congressperson on the radio. I am not joking.

Now, everyone has the right to blog - or not - any topic they want. But that story seems awfully topical, no?

Was speech involved? Check. Were very powerful people threatening criminal punishment for speech? Check. Was it located in Eugene Volokh's backyard? Check.

Yet Volokh didn't seem to think the issue was worth discussing? Gee, I wonder why that might be?


Hmmm.. maybe I will do a post about this tomorrow. I am disappointed that al l I see in VC now is cutesy posts. I don't really know much about Patterico.

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