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October 17, 2007



20% of men in Massachusetts are rapist-felons. The age of consent here is 16 with no exceptions and no excuses. Roughly 20% of people have sex before 16.

This is why I am excited by the possibilities of the new law abolishing the statute of limitations for statutory rape. I figure politicians are good at talking people into things so probably more than one in five of them had sex with an underage person. If we can put one third of the legislature in prison, that will be almost as good as term limits.

I went to high school in Connecticut where sex with a girl under 16 is legal as long as she's no more than two years younger. I read the law books in the school library to check.


I think that 20% figure only applies to college boys. I am sure that, in terms of the uneducated masses, the amount is much, much higher.

(Or lower if you want to get the votes of the uneducated masses.)

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