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October 03, 2007



It's really very simple: If you are poor (or rich and black), you must justify your existence. Why would a poor (or rich black) person be in a parking lot? Because he stole something - why else? By definition, a police officer who sees a poor person or black person out on the streets has reasonable suspicion to frisk him. Again, they must justify and explain why they are out of their homes after dark.

By now, poor white people (and blacks of every income level) should know that they are not allowed out of their homes after dark. Even then, they should leave only when necessary.

In a perfect world, they would only leave their homes to work. But, as we know, poor people don't work. And rich black people are all drug dealers. So, in reality, they need to remain indoors at all times. If they decide to venture out into our world, we will forcibly place them indoors - doors with bars.

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