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September 27, 2007


Alexander Zeno

Your comment "This really strikes me as a gang-up on an attorney they don’t like." is right on target. The judges at the United States District Court for the District of Puerto Rico did not like me because I had insisted on fairness. They didn't like it and constantly abused their discretion knowing that the First Circuit would back them up. This was particularly true of Judge Fuste who had been reversed two times by the First Circuit on appeals handled by me. The press portrayed Judge Fuste as unfair.

Judge Fuste, the Chief Judge, along with some of the others, was waiting for the right moment to be vindictive against me. They came up with a couple of excuses, one by Judge Dominguez and one by Judge Cerezo. Judge Cerezo's was so frivolous that not even Judge Fuste took it into consideration. Judge's Dominguez was better for their purpose since it depended on facts which they were able to control and distort.

They initiated proceedings where all my due process rights were denied: (1) Judge Fuste forbid me from making public the proceedings; (2) No discovery was allowed, though there were factual controversies; (3) No hearing; (4) Though I requested that some judges be recused, they refused to do so. The result was obvious, a suspension for three months. Needless to say Judge Fuste issued a published opinion where he discredited me and distorted the record.

I appealed the matter to the First Circuit. They gave me a pro forma hearing where none of the judges, except Judge Lynch, talked to me. She asked me if I was sorry and I said I had nothing to be sorry about. The First Circuit knew I had done nothing wrong and that is why they did not impose reciprocal discipline. However, the judges in Boston had to back up their friends in San Juan and they affirm them notwithstanding the clear violation of my due process rights.

I did not take the matter to the U.S. Supreme Court, though I was planning to do so, because the First Circuit, correctly, held that attorneys have a right to criticize judges, as long as they don't do it from within a case.

In light of their obvious malice / negligence, I sued all of the judges, including Judge Torruellas and Judge Howard of the First Circuit, for their actions which were nothing more than an act of vengeance against me.

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