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May 10, 2007



What's really interesting is that Judge Young posted his 7/12/05 opinion (which recommended, in a 105 pg. opus, that Enwonwu's due process challenge be allowed, and he be released forthwith) to the D. Mass PACER web site on May 3, 2007. One of Judge Young's complaints was that the REAL ID act stripped the trial courts of meaningful habeas review of deportation decisions, thereby depriving petitioners of the trial courts' fact-finding expertise.

Here's a link: http://pacer.mad.uscourts.gov/dc/cgi-bin/recentops.pl?filename=young/pdf/enwonwu-7-12-05-rpt-recommendation.pdf

It seems there's an ever-increasing amount of bench-slappery going on between the First Circuit (is it just Judge Lynch?) and Judge Young.

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