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February 15, 2007



You're coming dangerously close to agreeing with Posner on the state of legal education. He editorializes a bit on the subject in his book _Catastrophe_, calling on the profession to stop pretending that lawyers can't understand math or science beyond what they need to pass a course in economics and the law.


Well, if I agree with him, so be it. However, I think law schools should put their money where their mouths are. In real life, I have tried – and failed – to convince a couple of law schools to 1) improve their joint degree programs (esp. with philosophy and economics); and 2) actively offer scholarships to same, so there would be a healthy body of lawyers with real credentials and academic training in these fields, but, unfortunately, most law schools are happy with the “law and X” approach or haphazardly arranged academic programs. Update: I remember discussing this issue here, and getting the usual hostile responses.

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