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January 13, 2007


Stuart Levine

The reasons that you cannot find the decisions from a "single justice" (meaning, I assume, that you cannot find any concurring or dissenting opinions) is that all opinions, the opinion of the Court and of any dissents or concurrences, are lumped together as one pdf file. BTW, the members of the Court of Appeals of Maryland (the highest court in Maryland and not the "Maryland Court of Criminal Appeals") are judges, not justices.

Also BTW, they wear red robes and white "dickees." Don't believe me? See here: http://www.courts.state.md.us/coappeals/coajudges.html


My mistake. Some time ago, I even interviewed with one, and I recently attended one of their ceremonial sessions, where they talked about the history of the robes. (I don't really dig the whole "let's talk about the history of the court thing.")

However, what I meant to say was that in Connecticut, the decision regarding the subpoena was enforced by a single Justice, and they are justices in Connecticut. (And, I also had an unsuccessful interview with a Connecticut “Justice.”)

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