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December 19, 2006



So what did I miss, other than a district judge more interested in being folksy than the consequences of multiple child rape? Let me guess--I've failed to understand that she only went to prison at all because she was a poor person.


I don’t think it was a question of being folksy. I saw two concerns of the judge:

1) This person was so screwed up at the time of the crime she probably had her will almost overwhelmed by the other defendant (I am not saying this is an excuse); and
2) The codefendant (the one who did the actual raping) seems to have, by pleading guilty gotten a lighter sentence, and the judge saw some disparity. The 8th didn’t seem somewhat less concerned.

I posted this because I think the CNN article didn’t really get to the meat of the matter, and since it is criminal sentencing, everyone is interested.

I don’t really have a position on whether the 8th was right or not

Thanks for reading.

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