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June 17, 2005



Are you sure it's being held in the ceremonial courtroom at 500 Pearl?

The In Banc Calendar pdf lists Rm. 1705 as the location.

Happy Fun Lawyer

Hmm. The original en banc order (link above) places the argument in the district court, but the en banc calender does say 1705 -- the room where 3-judge panels typically sit. It's a 15 judge panel, so they're going to be packed in tight.

Post amended accordingly. Thanks

Friendly Hand

Happy Fun Laywer:

That must be a glitch by the clerk's office, because I don't see how they could fit the en banc court in Rm. 1705. The 2d Cir. doesn't go en banc very often, but when it does, it sits in the ceremonial courtroom at 500 Pearl.


The argument is confirmed in 1705.


I've seen an en banc in 1705 before. It is indeed a tight fit, and not much room for the audience, either ....

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