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March 23, 2005



I'm having trouble making the 6th circuit links work; I've tried on two different machines with 2 different browsers. With Firefox, I get a "stopped" message on the status bar and a blank screen. With Explorer, it's just a blank screen. I wonder if it is some sort of oddity involving Pacer, which is apparently serving up the opinions on the 6th circuit page.

Unidentified Reader

In the future if you have this problem, just replace the IP address portion of the link (the 4 numbers at the start) with pacer.ca6.uscourts.gov and it should work fine.


I tried the advice from U.R., no avail, then went straight at Pacer (logged in & etc) and suddenly, now, the 6th Cir. opinions are available to me. I have no idea why.


Might have something to do with cookies.

Unidentified Reader

I didn't know comments could be edited by the editors... :)


We can do all sorts of things. I was even thinking of uploading a file or two.

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