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February 15, 2005



I think that is an unnecessarily negative stereotype of bloggers. I will have the judge know that I usually blog in a coat and tie. My shoes are shined. Often I hold my glasses in dignified manner when finding a link.

sam heldman

By contrast, I will admit that I am blogging this, mid-afternoon, unshowered and unshaved. This is what happens when you practice law in a home office, at least if you are me.


One day I took 3 minutes and started a web log in my pajamas. What it was doing in my pajamas I'll never know . . .

sam heldman

damn, I had tried hard to think of a joke using that line, but couldn't come up with anything. that is why my blog posts are boring.

Steady Eddie

rea-- Wish I'd thought of that notwithstanding Groucho Marx thought of it 70 years ago.

Sam-- You'll have noticed, of course, that Sentelle's argument about "why not call bloggers journalists?" adds nothing to his position against a common law privilege, because the answer to his scenario is Tatel's position -- that whatever privilege there might be doesn't apply to this kind of leak.

I know he's Jesse Helms' and Ken Starr's guy and all that, but is he generally that dumb?

Gene Vorobyov


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