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We are a group of federal law clerks and appellate lawyers.  Some of us blog anonymously.

"SCOTUS" is our tax expert.  He covers the United States Tax Court, other tax-related cases of interest, and the First Circuit Court of Appeals.
"Happy Fun Lawyer" writes about all things Second Circuit.
"Reversible Error" is the site administrator.
"Sixth Circuit" covers the Sixth Circuit.
Ray Ward is an appellate lawyer with Adams and Reese LLP in New Orleans. He reports on selected cases from the U.S. Fifth Circuit.
Sam Heldman is an appellate lawyer practicing law in Washington, D.C.
Lazerwolf writes about Fifth Circuit cases.

Please send any of us appellate decisions, information and reviews on practice guides, and CLE seminar notices.

If you are interested in writing with us, or want to contact one of us, please email me.