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November 16, 2005



i have a client who suffers from {redacted} mental illnesses, this person is in prison for a crime she took no part in, and her court appointed pretender allowed her to plea out to the {redacted}, as well as {redacted} from a {redacted}. The court appointed attroeny knew well in advance that her client suffers from these potent disorders This is in kansas, any help with case law in these areas will be greatly apprecitated. Further more this client was ordered to stay away from the {redacted} defendants however the other sentenceing judge of the male def. put him in the same comm corrections unit as my client. The laws are really vague in this area. WE NEED HELP ASAP email at daniel_jackson1@yahoo.com SHALOM


Daniel, First of all, calling people “Public Pretenders” won’t advance the conversation. Second of all, as much as I appreciate the cause of criminal defense, and I am often accused of being extremely anti-prosecution: many, many people in jail deserve to be there. They will tell anyone that listens (especially social-worker-types, mental-health-types, and the like) that somehow they didn’t get a fair shake. Indeed, I have seen it before. Several times this month, and I don’t even go looking.

If you want to help your client, get him a lawyer. Don’t post to the internet things that could hurt your client’s case. (I am going to try and redact some thing that I think you should not have said.) But, this lawyer might not tell you what you want to hear. It may be that your client is faking (common), or that even with his disorder (common) he could still intelligently make a plea, and he would still have been, as a legal matter, guilty if all the facts were as alleged.

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